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How do I access my Granular Insights imagery without internet or cellular reception?


With Granular Insights you can access field imagery without internet connectivity or cellular reception by enabling the Offline Fields setting to download imagery for selected fields.


  • An active Granular Insights account
  • An active internet connection
  • Fields added to your operation in Granular Insights
  • Set storage limits for Offline Fields data in Account Settings


  1. Log in to the Granular Insights mobile app.
  2. Open the navigation menu Screen_Shot_2021-03-10_at_8.58.59_AM.png and click Settings.
  3. Click on Offline Fields.
  4. Identify the field(s) you want to download offline imagery for. Toggle the slider to the right to begin downloading available images.
  5. Once the download is complete, a green check mark green_mark.png will appear next to the field name. 
  6. To remove offline imagery from your device for a specific field, toggle the slider to the left and click OK to confirm the removal of images from your device.

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