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Make a Connection with the John Deere Operations Center

Granular Insights helps you organize your farm's data in one place. Connect your John Deere Operations Center account to import field operations data into Granular Insights for deeper analysis.


  • An active internet connection
  • Be an administrator or advisor on a Granular Insights operation
  • Be a "staff" member with organization management access level "1" in John Deere
  • Ensure the "also grant" box is checked for "Share Organization Data with Connected Software Companies"

Process - Web

  1. Log in to Granular Insights for Canada at
  2. Click on Manage Data at the bottom left side of the screen.
  3. Click Add Connection
  4. Select John Deere Operations Center.
  5. Click Log in to John Deere.

  6. Enter your John Deere login credentials. If your credentials are already stored on your device, you may not be asked to enter them again.
  7. Click Allow Access, confirm which organization(s) Granular will have access to and click Save
  8. Select the John Deere organization to be linked. Click Next.
  9. Choose your data preferences, you can toggle the Import Boundaries selection on or off. Click Next to continue.
  10. Review the connection details to ensure they are correct. Once confirmed, click Finish.


  • If your John Deere Operations Center has field boundaries that you would like to bring over to Granular Insights, toggle on Import Boundaries on the Connection Summary screen.
    • Machine data will only appear in Granular Insights if there are field boundaries to link to.
  • It can take up to 24-hours for data to process and come through to Granular Insights.
  • If you would like to allow variable rate seeding (VRS) prescriptions to be sent to your John Deere Operations Center, ensure that "Equipment" access level is set to 1 and the Setup File Creator, Products, and Wireless Data Transfer box is checked.

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