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What can I do on the Insights tab?

Navigate to the Insights tab to pull up simple charts to better understand the impacts of harvest moisture, planting date, and variety selection on your yield. Use these Insights to make decisions about how you operate.

Corteva Product Comparison Insight

Your Pioneer sales representative can help you compare product performance from local product trials. Learn more about new and existing Pioneer® brand grain corn, silage corn and soybean products in your local area.



Variety Comparison Insight

Compare variety performance across key variables including field placement, seeding rate and planting date, so you can make better seed selections and field plans next year. 

Select up to two varieties to compare yield performance. View charts to see the impact of field placement, seeding rate and planting date for each variety.



Harvest Moisture Insight

Use the Harvest Moisture Insight for an in-depth analysis of how moisture levels impacted your yield across your operation. Comparisons between moisture and yield are provided, along with the number of acres harvested at specific moisture levels.


Planting Date Insight

With the Planting Date Insight, you can see the impact of different planting dates on yield. Quickly compare across multiple years to better understand trends over time and to determine the optimum planting window for your operation.



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