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January Release: New crops, report, and data integration in Granular Insights

Support for additional crops

More than corn and soybeans in your crop rotation? While we've supported corn and soybean machine data and (more recently) manual actuals and plans in Granular Insights, we've recently started adding support for additional crops, allowing even more farmers to collaboratively plan, grow and analyze their crops with their trusted advisors.

Newly supported crops include:

  • Wheat
  • Canola
  • Alfalfa
  • Sunflowers
  • Sorghum
  • Cotton

You are now able to build crop plans and enter manual planting actuals for these new crops. We plan to continue building out further support for these crops as the year progresses.

Map Based Planting Plan Report

This new report gives you a field-level view of your planting plans, complete with a field map.

Keep a copy of this report in your tractor cab or pickup so you can jot down what actually went on in the field during planting. Quickly capture:

  • Planting actuals (planting date, product, planting conditions, and seeding rate)
  • Application actuals (application date, product, application rate, registration number, applicator ID, and weather conditions)

Take this report back to the office to cross-reference later with machine data or for manual data entry.


Ag Leader AgFiniti Integration

We've added a new integration to Granular Insights. Now, if you have an Ag Leader monitor and AgFiniti Essentials subscription, you can easily connect your AgFiniti account with Granular Insights for wireless data transfer.

Navigate to the Manage Data tab and select AgFiniti to get started. Learn more here.


Reports have a new home

No more need to find generated reports in your inbox. We have now added a dedicated space in the web application where the reports you run can be referenced and downloaded. Check out the new Reports tab to access your reports.

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