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Corteva Product Comparison


Granular Insights now offers Corteva Product Comparison. As a trusted advisor search trial data within 250 miles of your Granular Insights operation to support product performance claims and support seed placement decisions for planting plans and proposals. 


Corteva Product Comparison can be accessed by selecting Insights tab on the left side navigation panel and then select Corteva Product Comparison from the list of options.




Trial Data Inputs

  • Compare 3 seed types:
    • Corn Grain
    • Corn Silage 
    • Soybeans
  • Select Multiple Harvest Years:
    • 2023
    • 2022
    • 2021
    • 2020
  • Filter based on type of Irrigation:
    • All Types
    • Full
    • Limited
    • Non-irrigated
    • Unknown
  • Search and select a Pioneer seed product that checks against the trial data set.
  • Comparison populates product(s) that are available to compare Pioneer and competitors  

The list below contains some parameters and guidelines used to determine if a hybrid qualifies to be a "Primary Variety" in Corteva's Product Comparison tool.

       1. Only good quality strips

       2. Excludes pre-commercial Pioneer products

       3. Only genetic locations by default

       4. No Brittle Snap locations 

       5. PKP trial data

       6. A minimum of 10 comparisons are required within the selected area

       7. Comparisons must have under a 3 RM difference to appear

       8. Only locations that have been signed by grower can be disclosed or considered




Summary View

  • # of Comparisons = Number of side by side trials of these 2 products against each other
  • % of Comparison Wins = Percentage of the time the Primary Product wins in those trials against the Comparison Product
  • Yield Advantage = Number of bushels/acre yield advantage of Primary over Comparison
  • Moisture Advantage = Moisture advantage of Primary over Comparison




Detailed View

Hover over any individual trial in the Summary view to get an in-depth breakdown of that trial. 

  • Yield results for both products
  • Moisture results for both products


Generate Report

From the Summary view click the Generate Report button to create a detailed report of the Product Comparison. To download your report, click on the Reports tab on the left side navigation panel and then select the 2023 crop year, and the checkbox for the report you would like to download. Click the blue "Download" button in the bottom right hand corner to begin the download process. 



The PDF report for the Corteva Product Comparison will display the following information:

  • Variety vs. Variety
  • Harvest Year(s)
  • Location (Radius Selected)
  • Crop Type
  • Irrigation Types
  • # of Comparisons
  • Yield % Wins
  • Yield Advantage
  • Moisture Advantage
  • Map with Legend and location of strip trials



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