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VRS: Adding Irrigation layer for a Decision Zones



  • An active Granular Insights account  
  • Active fields and boundaries   
  • Crops, and Decision Zones added to fields  



  1. Log into Granular Insights at
  2. Select VRS on the left sidebar navigation menu.                Irrigation.png
  3. Select Decision Zones dropdown listed under Decision Zone column.

  4. Select “Create New Decision Zones” to create a new or edit to make modifications to an existing Decision Zones. 
  5. Select Edit Zone Set.                                                              Irrigation_4.png
  6. Select Create New Irrigation layer. Irrigation_5.png                                           *Irrigation layers can be named, add custom names or if no name is entered the layer name will be defaulted to Irrigation.
  7. Select drawing tools under Add to draw the irrigated region.Irrigation_6.png                                                                *When using the circle drawing tool, you will first want to navigate to the middle of center pivot, click once to start drawing then drag the mouse to align with the pivot boarder. Click once to apply that area as Irrigated.                                                          *Once finished you can remove any of the Irrigated region if needed, select a drawing tool from under the Remove icon then draw the region that needs to be removed within our irrigated areaIrrigation_7.png
  8. To edit the pivot, select the pencil under the Edit iconIrrigation_8.png
  9. Select inside the pivot once, then click and drag the pivot to where it needs to be placed.Irrigation_9.png  Irrigation_10.png
  10. Include the irrigation layer with the Decision Zone by selecting the checkbox next to the Irrigation layer name.
  11. Select Update Zones.                                                                           Irrigation_11.png


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