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VRS: Add, edit, and remove varieties


  • An active Granular Insights account  
  • Active fields and boundaries
  • Decision Zones created for fields
  • Operation Varieties added for crops (Corn and Soybeans ONLY)   

Process - Web

  1. Log into Granular Insights
  2. Select VRS on the left sidebar navigation menu.


  3. Select variety from under the Primary Variety column.
  4. Select the variety you would like to place on the field from the dropdown


Edit Primary Varieties


  1. Select the details dropdown next to the field


  2. Select the up arrow on the variety, this will move the Backup Variety to the Primary Variety.


*Once done, the variety will be shown as the Primary Variety. This will move the prior Primary Variety under Backup plans.


Remove varieties

  1. Select the details dropdown from the field you would like to delete the variety from.


  2. Select the trash can icon next to the variety we wish to delete.


*You cannot remove Primary Varieties unless it is the only variety listed.

*If you need to remove a Primary Variety, move a Backup Variety to Primary Variety and delete the prior Primary Variety.

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