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Variable Rate Seeding: What's New and FAQ

What's new with Variable Rate Seeding in Granular Insights

Granular Insights VRS retains the same new functionality brought to you in 2023 with a few new features to help make your job easier, and to support writing the best recommendations you can. These include:

  • Automated multi-year yield analysis (MYYA) and Decision Zones (DZ)  to make getting started with VRS even easier
  • Ability to set the minimum polygon size to give greater control over the size of your zones.
  • Importing Decision Zones from Field360 Studio , enabling more zones to be used for VRS in Granular Insights


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What crops can I build Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) prescriptions for?
A. Corn and soybeans (Grain Only) 

Q. Can I create a VRS for an irrigated field?
A. Yes. Learn more here: Adding Irrigation layer for a Decision Zones

Q. Why don’t I see an irrigation seeding curve toggle for soybeans? 
A. Today we only separate irrigation curves for corn. We encourage users to provide feedback on the need to separate irrigation curves for soybeans. If this enhancement would be of value, please contact our Granular Support at to request this enhancement.

Q. Can I roll over a 2023 VRS Rx created last year for the 2024 season in Granular Insights? 
A. No, you do not have the capability to roll over prescriptions from past years to present; however, you can go back and review last year's prescriptions.

Q. Can I lock my prescriptions?
A. Not currently, though we’re continuing to investigate options.

Q. How do I view and edit all economic & agronomic inputs per variety/hybrid?
A. After a primary product has been placed and you select “Run VRS” a pop-up window will appear allowing you to edit all inputs, add customization for irrigation, and include all back up plans.


Q. How do I add more primary varieties to my dropdown list?
A. Learn more here: Add and remove Operation Varieties for Variable Rate Seeding (VRS)


Q. If I change the primary product on the VRS page, will that change the previously planned product o the Activities page? 
A. Yes, if the primary product was changed In the VRS page, you will see that change implemented in the Activities tab.


Q. Can I add additional varieties to a field with recommendations if I am unsure what will be planted? 
A. Yes. Learn more here: Add, edit, and remove varieties for Variable Rate Seeding (VRS)

Q. Why can’t I see my field plan after I place a Rx on a field?
A. Once a Rx has been placed on a field, it will show as the planned planting activity for that field. You can still view your field plan by clicking the three dots on the right side of the activity card and selecting “View Flat Rate Plan”.

If you would like to use your flat rate plan in reports, it is recommended to run the Seed Placement Summary, Farm & Field Proposal and Map Based Planting Plan reports prior to placing the Rx.


Q. If I create a VRS activity in the VRS tab, will the VRS activity flow to the Activities tab?
A. Yes, activities created in VRS will be visible in the Activities tab. The VRS activity will only show the Primary product in the Activities tab

Q. Can I run a VRS Rx for corn and soybeans at the same time?
A. Yes, you can bulk run corn and soybeans recommendations at the same time. When running corn and soybeans in bulk there is a toggle to separate the corn and soybean varieties.

Q. How do I ensure all varieties planned for an operation receive a Variable Rate Seeding Rx?
A. You must check the “Include Backup Plans” box and either use the default settings or manually adjust settings per variety in the VRS Settings Review page. Learn more here: Generating, and edit Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) Recommendation

Q. Can I export a Rx for my air seeders and convert from sds/ac to lb/ac? 
A. Yes, a Rx can be exported from the VRS tab. Learn more: Exporting Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) Recommendations


Q. If I check the box to rerun Rx across an operation that uses this variety, will that override edits I've made to fields with that variety?
A. Yes, clicking the checkbox next to “Rerun Rx across operation that uses this variety” and then clicking “Save” will rerun that variety across all fields and overwrite any edits that were made.

Q. If I have a John Deere Connection, can I send my Rx to my John Deere Operations Center? 
A. Yes. Learn more: Exporting Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) Recommendations

Q. If I have an AgLeader connection, can I send my Rx to Agfiniti?
A. No, not at this time. If this would be of value to you, please contact our Granular Support at to request this enhancement.

Q. Can I export primary varieties only?
A. Yes, you can toggle “Only export primary varieties” to “on”. This will make it so that only have the primary product Is exported for each field.

Q. What should I do if I try to export a VRS Rx to a USB/thumbdrive and I receive a pop-up notification blocking the export? Do I need an exemption to export VRS Rx to a thumbdrive on a Corteva managed device?
A. Support will be handling all USB exemptions from Jan 15th - July 31st. If you need exemption for VRS email Granular Support at 

Q. Will I need a USB exemption if I am exporting a Rx on my own device?
A. No, computers not managed by Corteva do not need to have a USB exemption


Q. Do I need a USB exemption if I am trying to zip folders or files on a USB stick to upload to Granular Insights? 
A. No, you do not need a USB exemption if you first copy the files/folders to your local C: drive and then zip them on that drive Learn more: Computer Tip: Zipping folders with 7-zip – Granular Insights

Q. Where do I find my Variable Rate Seeding Rx reports?
A. Navigate to the “Managed Data” tab on the left navigation bar. In the Activity section, click on “Downloads”. Scroll or sort until you find the VRS report.  Click “Download Summary Report”.

Q. Can I generate a Seed Placement Summary, Farm & Field Proposal and/or Map Based Planting Plan using my flat rate field plan after I create a VRS Rx?
A. No, once a VRS Rx has been run, the Rx is the primary planned activity on the field. When you try to run a planning report the report will only show the primary VRS activity, and all reports will be based on that VRS activity. Original flat rate planned products are still attached to the field but will not show on the report.

Q. Can I upload a shapefile to help build my Decision Zones?
A. No, currently Granular Insights does not support shapefile import for Decision Zones. However, you can import Decision Zones in GeoJSON format. Learn more here: VRS: Importing Decision Zones into Granular Insights

Q. Can I edit Decision Zones from the activities page, VRS page or both and can I view in other pages? 
A. Currently all Decision Zones work is now in one place. You can create and edit Decision Zones in the VRS workspace.

Q. Can I build strip trials or check blocks in the Variable Rate Seeding tool?
A. No, you cannot create any trials in Granular Insights at this time. 

Q. Can I edit Decision Zone shapes and sizes in Granular Insights?
A. No, currently Decision Zone shapes and sizes cannot be edited. The product team is exploring opportunities.

Q. Can I roll my 2023 Decision Zones over to 2024?
A. No, prior year Decision Zones cannot be rolled over to 2024. However, with automated multi-year yield analysis (MYYA) and automated Decision Zones (DZ), Granular Insights will create automated zones based on data available for each field once a corn or soybean crop is assigned to that
field. Learn more here:  Automated MYYA & Decision Zones


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