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February 2023 | Release Notes

New and improved features, updates, and enhancements in Granular Insights.

Visualize Corn Silage Harvest Machine Data

Dairy producers can now visualize and generate silage harvest reports in tons/acre. This new enhancement allows dairy producers to work closely with their trusted dairy specialist to discuss silage performance and make confident decisions in next season’s management and hybrid selection.   

How it works (mobile):

  1. Set up a wireless data connection or upload chopper machine data to view and sort corn silage harvest yields by field, soils, and varieties. 
  2. Select a field to visualize harvest maps and details in tons/ac
  3. Print detailed harvest reports to share with customers

Learn more about data connections here

Learn more about visualizing harvest data here

Learn more about supported silage monitors  here

Check out this new enhancement in your Granular Insights account today! 


Summary Analysis View on Mobile 

On the go and need field performance data now? No problem! You can now analyze field and product performance from the Summary tab on your mobile device. Never get caught without yield performance data again!

How it works (mobile):

  1. Select a crop/year and an agronomic layer (yield, harvest moisture, seeding rate) 
  2. Choose your results by field, soil, or variety 
  3. Quickly sort columns to compare performance

Learn more here

Check this out in your Granular Insights account or visit the App Store or Google Play to ensure you’ve got the most recent version of Granular Insights on your mobile device.  


Variable Rate Seeding Enhancements in Granular Insights 

We are excited to announce a new and improved Variable Rate Seeding (VRS) experience for the 2023 planting season. Granular Insights Variable Rate Seeding recommendations are backed by the most robust, field-tested, data driven proprietary Corteva agronomic research and science. 

With Variable Rate Seeding growers can

  • Optimize the seeding rate on every acre to maximize corn and soybean seed. 
  • Take seed cost, grain cost, stand loss, minimum and maximum yield targets and seeding rates into account when generating prescriptions, leading to sound agronomic decisions
  • Leverages patented Decision Zone technology that accounts for weather, soil, and topography, and irrigation. 
  • Customize based on your operations goals and local performance.

Variable Rate Seeding Enhancements Include:

  • Set Primary and Backup Prescriptions
  • Bulk Operation-level variety settings
  • Soybean variety settings 
  • Separate Irrigated Curves 
  • 2022 Decision Zone Roll-over
  • Integrated Decision Zone & Yield Goal Management

Learn more about Variable Rate Seeding here

Let's maximize ROI and build confidence in seed investment by using Granular Insights today!


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