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What nitrogen practice changes qualify for carbon credits?


Change in nitrogen application timing

Practice change: Reduce the number of nitrogen applications greater than 30 days before planting without increasing the total number of applications or increasing total N applied.

Examples of qualifying scenarios:

  1. A grower typically applies NH3 ahead of corn in the fall. This year the grower decides to shift their NH3 application to late April.

Agronomic benefits: The longer any form of N is left in a fallow field, there is opportunity for leaching and N₂O emissions. Reducing the time between when a fertilizer is applied and when there is a living root in the ground to utilize that fertility will result in combating nutrient leaching and N₂O emissions.

Recommendation: Moving your nitrogen application(s) closer to planting provides the plant with more access to nutrients with less of a chance of leaching. 


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