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Getting Started: How to begin field data entry in Indigo



Step 1:  When you have reached a point you wish to begin entering field data, simply click the Continue to Indigo button the Carbon Summary page.

Note:  It is recommended but not required to have all of your fields ready to Continue to Indigo.  Any field not currently ready, will not appear in your Indigo account. 



Step 2:  You will be directed to the sign-on page below.  Use the exact same process you use to sign into your Granular Insights account.  Click Continue.

Example:  If you typically use your phone number, use your phone number.  If you typically use Google, click the Google button. 



Step 3:  You will then be prompted to enter you username and password again.  


If you get to this sign on screen and do not know your password, click the back button on your browser to return to the first sign-on page.  Then click Forgot Password and follow the steps to verify your email and reset your password. 


Step 4:  You will be directed to you Indigo account.  This page will will be you main dashboard for field data entry in Indigo.  To add the fields (with Continue to Indigo status) from Granular Insights, click either of the Add Fields buttons.  2023-07-25_18-19-01.png


Step 5:  Click Connect to make the connection between your Granular Insights account and new Indigo account. 



Step 6:  Click Add to import the fields that are ready. 



Step 7:  You will see a message with the number of field successfully imported.  Click Return to Dashboard.  



Step 8:  Now that you are directed back to the main dashboard.  Click Import New Events to sync any planting and harvest Activities you have in Granular Insights.  If you do not have any Activities to sync, ignore and continue to Step 11. 



Step 9:  Wait for your events (planting and harvest Activities) to be imported from Granular Insights to your Indigo account. 



Step 10:  You will see a success message when the events have been imported.



Step 11:  You are now ready to begin field data entry.  Next to each field, you sill see a status.  Click More Information is Needed to start entering more field events.  

If you did not import any Activities from Granular Insights, you will see a status saying Waiting on Event Import.  Click Waiting on Event Import to begin entering your field events.  



Step 12:  Start entering field data by clicking on events in each year.  Any planting and harvest Activities imported from Granular Insights will automatically completed, as shown below. 


If you run into any technical questions about field data entry in Indigo, feel free to reach out to an Indigo Support Representative or contact you Corteva Carbon Customer Success Manager. 

Needing to contact Indigo Support?  Click here for help!


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