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Getting Started: How to make a data connection from the Carbon tab


Granular Insights is capable of sending planting and harvest data from the Activities tab directly to Indigo's software.  There are two different ways to create new planting and harvest activities in Granular Insights using third party data.  

  1.   Machine data connection with John Deere Operations Center, AgFiniti, or CNH
  2.   Manually upload data files

Follow the steps below for help on how to set up a data connection and import data files.


Step 1:  From the Carbon Summary page, you can begin setting up a data connection in three different ways: 

  • Create a Connection to Save Time prompt
  • Connect Data button in the upper right 
  • Manage Data in the lower left



Step 2:  You will be directed to the Manage Data page.  From here, you have a few different options to import data.  Click Add Connection to link Granular Insights with one of the three third party partners.

If you are wanting to import data files manually, skip to Step 4.



Step 3:  Select one of the three partners to begin the data connection process.  


Then refer to the following articles for next steps:

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Getting Started: Connecting to AgFiniti Essential

Getting Started: Connecting to CNH


Step 4:  To import data files manually, click Select Files or Drag and Drop files onto this screen. 



For more help and tips on importing data files, refer to the articles below:

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