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July 2023 | Release Notes

View Crop Protection & Fertility Activities on the Mobile App

You can now view crop protection and fertility planned and completed activities on the Granular Insights mobile app. With this enhancement, view your full field plan and completed activities on the go – planting, crop protection, fertility and harvest. 

*Note: at this time, you can only view crop protection and fertility activities on the mobile app. To delete or edit these activities, log into Granular Insights on your browser. Learn more.


Reprocess Manually Uploaded Data 

You can now reprocess all manually uploaded data in Granular Insights, without the need to reupload the original data file or call the Granular Insights support team.  

Missing boundaries for fields that you have uploaded data for? No problem! Turn on autogenerated field boundaries and reprocess your manually uploaded data file to build field boundaries based on your data.  

The ‘Reprocess’ button is now available in the Manage Data tab and can be used any time you need to reprocess a previously uploaded file. Learn More.



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