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Machine Data: Preview Data


Previously, to upload data you would have to fully import the entire data set before knowing what data was uploaded or if it was even the correct date set. Now with Preview, you can select specific files to upload or you can choose not to upload the data if it is the wrong data set.

This feature is launching as a beta experience (open to all users) while we continue to improve processing speeds. Depending on the monitor and size of the data file, it could take as much as 12-24 hours for data to process in a preview, though in most cases it will be quicker. 


  • Granular Insights Operation
  • An user role on the operation with the ability to upload data (Admin, Advisor, Editor)
  • A zip folder with data to upload
  • Box next to preview checked and upload completed

Process - Web

  1. Upload Machine data and checkmark the Preview box

    Preview box.png

  2. Once you have uploaded data into Granular Insights and it is ready to be viewed, the preview message below will appear above the Manage Data Activity Table.

    1 Preview.png

  3. When you select that file for preview, there will be several data attributes to search and filter to make sure the data you want to upload is selected. After you have selected to data you'd like to upload, click "Complete" to finish uploading this data to your operation.

    2 Preview.png

Preview Helpful Tips:

  • Unchecking all data from a dataset will delete that dataset from the uploaded list.

3 Preview.png

  • Once you click "Complete", all unchecked data will delete from the dataset.

4 Preview.png


  • Select Download to download data that was uploaded previously. This will download the data file to your local computer.



  • Reprocess allows the user to reprocess data that has been processed. If the data is in the “Preview Ready” or “Processing” status, Reprocess will be greyed out.



Get Help

  • Select the "Get help" option.

get help.png


  • The following popup window will appear.

get help 2.png

  • Select "Copy"
  • Next you will want to select the email listed on the "Get Help" window this will open a new email to send info to support
  • Pasting the info into the body of the text below, It is an example of what an email will look like. 

get help 3.png

**Please also include any other applicable information we may need. Some additional info may include but is not limited to the following: 

  • Monitor Type (i.e. Deere GS3, Case Pro 700) 
  • Data type (Seeding, Harvest) 



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