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September 2023 | Release Notes

Preview & select machine data to manually upload (beta)

You can now preview and choose which data to manually upload into Granular Insights. This preview of manually uploaded data can be sorted and filtered by year, farm, field and activity type to help you ensure you’re uploading the right data into your Granular Insights operation. Learn more.


Data Preview.png 

Turn field plans to manually completed activities

Want to capture what actually happened on your field but don’t have machine data? No problem! You can now quickly and easily turn planting, crop protection and fertility plans into manually completed activities on the Web. Learn more.

Note: you can use your seed plans to create manual completed planting activities on the Granular Insights mobile app. At this time, the ability to complete crop protection and fertility plans is only available on the web.


Copy to completed (EN).gif


New look to the add/edit activities screen

We’ve changed the add/edit activity screen so that you now see the planned and completed activities on the same screen. No need to toggle back and forth between tabs – you can collapse and expand the planned and completed sections to easilly view the information you’re looking for.




Map based planning now available for 2024! 

As you look ahead to next year’s crop, you can now plan your fields for 2024 from a map view, so you can see all the fields in your operation when deciding which products to place on each field. Learn more.


2024 Map Based Planning_EN.gif

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