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Analyze: Utilizing New Beta Features


With the new Analyze beta experience, create custom views and reports to evaluate product performance on your operation. Add more data columns to dive deeper into field and product analysis.

The new Analyze beta can be accessed by selecting “Try Analyze in Beta” button. Prefer the traditional Summary tab and standard reports? You can still access the Summary tab on the left navigation menu and generate the planting map book and harvest map book through the Activities tab. 

Note: the new Analyze experience is currently available on the Web only. 


Member of a Granular Insights operation with planting and/or harvest data (manual, machine upload or wireless connection)

Analysis Empty State Gif 1.gif

  1. Log in to Granular Insights 
  2. Select Summary on the left navigation panel.

  3. Select the “Try Analyze in Beta” button located at the top of the page.

Through Analyze, you can organize your agronomic data and reports to suit your preferences. You have the flexibility to choose report categories, add filters, and customize columns as necessary.

If you want to return to the original Summary tab, experience, select “Go back to Summary tab” link to view the data in the original table view. 

  • Report Filter: Enables you to specify the type of report you wish to generate and determine what type of columns are arranged on this page. We have Harvest and Planting options to select from.

  • Add Filters: Add filters to focus on specific agronomic data for analysis. Simply select the "Add Filter" dropdown to sort and filter your information.

    *Adding filters will apply the filter to the columns and report information selected. You can exit out of the filters by selecting the x next to the filters applied.


  • Edit Columns: Enables you to choose the specific columns of agronomic data you wish to view and include in a report.


Custom Reports

With the new Analyze experience, you can generate more customized planting and harvest reports.

To generate a report, select the fields that you would like to report on by clicking the box to the left of the field name. Click "Download Report".  On the custom report's modal, you will see several customization options


  • Summary: This section shows a list of all report types available to you, based on the fields you have selected for your report. Select one or more of the options listed to add them to your report.


  • Map: You can choose which types of maps you want to incorporate or omit from the agronomic data report. You can also choose between having half-page maps or full-page maps included in your report. 

  • Download Report: Here is an example of a summary for Yield by Field and Yield by Product, including a sample yield map.














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