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Activities: Add Crop Protection


Enter your crop protection activities in Granular Insights and be one step closer towards establishing one, collaborative system of record for capturing work done on the farm. Manually enter planned and completed crop protection activities while in your office using Granular Insights on the web, or quickly and easily on the go with the mobile app.


  • Granular Insights account
  • Farm, Fields, and boundaries created (manually or uploaded) 

Process - Web

  1. Log in to Granular Insights

  2. Select the Activities tab from the left-hand side navigation panel

    1 Activities feature.png

  3. Select caret icon to expand activity information, select "Add Activity"

  4. Select Add Activity "Crop Protection".


  5.  Fill out the required information and save. Choose between a mix or a single product and provide the product rate. When finished select Save.

Crop Protection Activity

  • Activity name is defaulted to Crop Protection, however the name can be changed.

  • Crop is required 

  • Crop Season is selected based on the Crop year you are currently in. 

Process - Mobile 

  1. Log in to the Granular Insights mobile app.

  2. Open the navigation menu Screen_Shot_2021-03-10_at_8.58.59_AM.png and click Fields.

  3. Select the plus.jpg button and select Add Activity.

  4. Select Crop Protection and fill out the required information. 

Note: New mixes cannot be created on mobile. In order to use a mix, the mix has to already exist for the operation, on web. If a mix already exists for the operation, you will see the list of pre-created mixes in the dropdown menu when you go to place a mix as part of the activity.

If no mix exists on the operation, you will see the following in-app text letting you know that you need to create a mix on website.

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