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Decision Zones: Importing Decision Zones into Granular Insights


Import decision zones from Field360 Studio to make it easier than ever to use custom zones for variable rate seeding prescriptions in Granular Insights.



  • Crops assigned to the field.
  • Field360 Decision Zones created as a “standard” Decision Zone
  • Created automatically after the crop zone was assigned or built from the Management Zone Wizard

Note: You can edit the layer with blocks or treatment areas, but the core ProductivityIndex, YieldTarget, and/or NCCPI attributes and their data need to remain “as is” for all polygons.


Process - Web

Export Decision Zones from Field360 Studio

  1. Right-click on the Encirca Decision Zone (EDZ) layer you want to export and select Export Layers.

  2. Select GeoJSON as the export file format. Select a location and choose a file name that includes the field name.
  • This will help you keep track of each field’s file for the import.
  • Currently, each field needs to be exported as its own file (one .geojson per field). There is no bulk export capability. 

Importing Decision Zones into Granular Insights


  1. Select VRS on the left navigation panel.

  2. Select the Decision Zones button in the VRS workspace.

  3. Expand the zones list for the field you plan to import the Decision Zone to and select the Import Zones button. 

  4. Navigate to the file for the field you saved from Field360 and select the file to import.
    • Enter the zone name. Choose something that will be easy to remember and reference.
    • Check the box next to “Set as Active Zones” to make this decision zone active for your field
    • Click Import


A banner at the top of the page will show the progress of importing each zone.  

  • Zones set import is in progress.
  • Zones set imported successfully.


Note: There is no boundary matching logic at this time, so you could import a decision zone that extends beyond the boundary of the designated field.


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