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March 2024 | Release Notes

Imagery now available in Granular Insights for the 2024 growing season

As we head into the 2024 growing season, imagery is now available in Granular Inisghts! Interested in viewing imagery for your operation? Contact your Pioneer sales rep.

Once your operation is enrolled, imagery will be available to view on the web and in the Granular Insights mobile app. Learn more.

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Enhancements to Activities on the web & mobile app

We’ve made a number of recent enhancements related to creating and reporting on activities, thanks to your feedback.

Seed planning bag rounding

We’ve made a change so bag totals now more closely reflect how you purchase your seed. When field planning, calculated bag totals will no longer show decimals – all bag totals will be rounded up to the next whole number (i.e. a calculated total of 11.2 bags will now show as 12 bags). 

Entered bags

When creating a seed plan, you now have the option to manually enter the number of bags you’d like to plan for, without impacting the field boundary acres or the seeding rate for the activity. Simply input the number of bags needed in the “entered bags” field, and the planted area, seeding rate and calculated bag totals will be locked. These new entered bag totals will pull into planning reports.

Create and update fertilizer and harvest activities on the mobile app

You can now create, edit and delete fertilizer and harvest activities on the mobile app. With this feature release, you are now able to create, edit and delete all the same activity types on the mobile app as you can on web. Note: you cannot create custom fertilizer blends on the mobile app – for that, use the Granular Insights web experience.

Improved Planned Summary in Activities

We’ve updated the planned summary page in Activities. You can now view two tables with planned product summary information, giving you more ways to analyze your planned products.

  • Planned Product Summary: shows the total bag quantity for each planned product on your operation
  • Planned Field Summary: shows both the flat rate and variable rate planned  quantities of planned products for each field

New source variety map layer

When you upload your planting data to Granular Insights, we attempt to match the product name to a catalog list of products, correcting for typos and other manual data entry errors in the monitor. Now, you can always refer back to the product name as it was entered in the monitor by consulting the Source Variety layer on the Map tab.

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