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Machine Data: Connecting to John Deere Operations Center


Granular Insights helps you organize your farm's data in one place.  Connect your John Deere Operations Center account to import field operations data into Granular Insights for deeper analysis.  


  • An active internet connection 
  • An active Granular Insights account 
  • Currently a "Staff" Member with Organization Management Access Level "1" and Location Level "2" or higher. 
  • Ensure  "Grant additional Permissions" box is check for "Share Organization Data with Connected Software Companies"  

  Web - Process 

  1. Log into your Granular Insights account on the web 

  2. Select "Manage Data"  


  3. Select "Add Connection"


  4. Select "John Deere Operations Center"


  5. Select "Log in to John Deere" as shown below


  6. Sign into the Operations Center Organization you are connecting to Granular Insights and select "Allow Access"


  7. Confirm which organization(s) will have access to Granular Insights and select "Save"
  8. When complete, you will be directed back to Granular Insights to finish the connection.


  9. Select the organization to be linked. Select "Next"


  10. Review the connection details to ensure they are correct.
  11. Once confirmed, select "Finish" 

Please allow up to 24 hours for your John Deere data to appear in your Granular Insights Operation. 


Additional Information:  

We recommend that "Equipment" Access Level be set to "1" with the Setup File Creator, Products, and Wireless Data Transfer box checked. This will allow access to the files page and permit VRS (Variable Rate Seeding) to be sent to your Operations Center. 






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