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Visualizing Harvest data in Maps


Results are what matters. Want to see how an individual field performed this year or previous years? View an individual yield map layer that visually details how different areas within the field performed. 


  • An active Granular Insights account
  • An active internet connection
  • Data manually uploaded (Allow 24 - 48 hours before viewing) 
  • Wireless data transfer setup completed for Connections 

Web - Process

  1. Login to your Granular Insights account. 
  2. From the Map tab select an individual field from the Field List on the left side panel.
  3. On the individual field map use the crop year drop down in the top left to select the desired crop year. 
  4. To the right of the crop year drop down, use the individual map layer drop down to select one of two Harvest layers:
    • Yield
    • Moisture 

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