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Getting Started: What can I do from the Insights tab?

Navigate to the Insights screen to pull up simple charts to better understand the impacts of harvest moisture, planting date, and variety selection on your yield and revenue. Use these Insights to make decisions about how you operate.

Insight 1, the Variety Comparison tool, allows us to compare variety performance across four key variables including field placement, seeding rate, soil type, and planting date, so you can make better seed selections and field plans next year.

Simply select “Variety Comparison” and click on a crop year and up to two varieties to view the summary of performance by yield and profitability per acre. Scroll down to view individual charts that provide more detail regarding the impact of field placement, soil type, seeding rate, and planting date for each variety.


The Insight 2 tab Harvest Moisture provides you with an in depth analysis of how moisture levels affected production throughout your operation. Comparisons between moisture and yield are provided along with how many acres were harvested at specific moisture levels.

To populate information regarding yield simply select your desired year and click on Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_10.54.29_AM.png


Select Screen_Shot_2019-11-07_at_10.54.41_AM.pngin order to populate an analysis regarding how many acres were harvested at each moisture percentage. 


Using the Insights 3 Planting Date, a farmer can see the impact of different planting dates on yield.  Combining this with their crop price - they will also be able to understand the impact on revenue for each day of planting.  Farmers and their advisors can quickly compare different years to help them better understand the trends over time and determine the optimum planting window for their farm.




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