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Autogenerated Field Boundaries

What is Autogenerated Field Boundary: Automatic field boundary creation makes it easy to get started with Granular Insights. When you upload planting or harvest data into Granular Insights the program immediately begins analyzing your fields. Planting and harvest data is spatially matched and assigned to field boundaries within your operation. If you are missing boundaries, Granular Insights will automatically create field boundaries based on your data. As a default, this feature will be set to "off " and will need to turn on if automatic field boundary creation is needed. 


How to change Autogenerated Field Boundary settings: You can access this feature in two convenient locations within Granular Insights.

Access Autogenerated Field Boundary on/off option in Settings:

  • Click on Settings 
  • Select Other Settings tab at the top of the page 
  • Select Field Setup and turn the automatic field creation on or off  

Access Autogenerated Field Boundary on/off toggle Manage Data:

  • Click on Manage Data
  • Select the toggle in the top right corner of the screen
  • Toggle on or off 

Recommendation:  If your field boundaries have already been created to your satisfaction within your Granular Insights account, turning the automatic field creation off can ensure that your field boundaries are not altered and no additional fields are accidentally created when you upload planting and yield data.

If you upload planting or yield data without a boundary when this setting is off, your data will not display in Granular Insights until a boundary has been manually created.


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