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Machine Data: Priority of Machine Data and Manual Data


Wireless data connections, uploaded machine data files, manually entered field activities – when you have more than one type of data on your field, which one takes priority? Understanding the data priority hierarchy is crucial when you have more than one source of data in your operation. 


In Granular Insights, we streamline data flow for you. With three distinct methods for inputting your data (data connections with third party software, manual data uploads, and manually entered activities), understanding the data priority hierarchy means you will know which source of data is being used on your operation.



Priority one 

Manually Entered Activities – Manually creating activities like planting, harvest, crop protection, and fertilizer activities can be essential for record-keeping and analysis, especially when you do not have machine data.


Manual data takes the highest priority. This means that if you have manually entered an activity for a specific field, crop and year, any subsequent machine data from manual uploads or wireless connections will not override or replace the existing manual data. In other words, the manually entered data will be considered the most trustworthy, accurate, and reliable source of information, and no new data will be allowed to replace it. If manually entered activity data is removed from the activity, machine data from a manual file upload or a wireless connection will be displayed without needing to reprocess the data.





Priority two

Manual file upload - Transferring your data from the machine monitor to Granular Insights can be easily completed by uploading machine data in the Manage Data tab. You can drag and drop files from your computer, preview data prior to upload and much more. Learn more here.


Manually uploaded machine data holds a secondary priority. Once machine data is uploaded, data from a wireless connection will not override or replace the manually uploaded data. Data will be stored in our database for all machine data. If manually uploaded machine data is removed from the activity, the machine data from a wireless connection will be displayed without having to reprocess the data. 


Priority Three 

Wireless Data Connection – Granular Insights has seamless integration with third-party software, enabling the wireless transfer of data directly to your operation. This streamlined approach significantly enhances the efficiency of data transfer into Granular Insights. You no longer need to wait until the end of planting or harvest seasons to visualize your machine data and use it to make data-informed decisions on your operation.


Learn more about making a wireless integration: 


Wireless data connections are assigned the lowest priority in the data priority hierarchy. Once a wireless connection is established, data will be directed into Granular Insights each time a new machine data activity is uploaded into the connected software. Wireless data connections require the least amount of ongoing work – once a connection is established, data flows automatically into Granular Insights. Since wireless data connections are the lowest priority source of data, if a field already has an activity on it for a given crop and year through either a manually entered activity or a manual file upload, the data from the wireless connection will not be visualized. Want to upload machine data to your operation but do not have field boundaries? Learn more about how to bring field boundaries over from the John Deere Operations Center or how to autogenerate field boundaries from your machine data.




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