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Activities: Add Planting Activity



  • Granular Insights account

  • Farm, Fields, and boundaries created (manually or uploaded) 

Process -Web

  1. Log in to Granular Insights

  2. Select the Activities tab from the left-hand side navigation panel1 Activities feature.png

  3. Select caret icon to expand activity information, select "Add Activity"

  4. Select Activity "Planting".


  5.  Fill out the required information and save

  • Activity name is defaulted to Planting, however the name can be changed.
  • Crop is required, crop will auto populate if a variety is entered in before the crop. 
  • Crop Season is selected based on the Crop year you are currently in. 

Varieties - You can add multiple varieties to a Planting Activity. Selecting Add variety will give you another variety card to fill out.  


Planting Activity


Note: Activities can be added in bulk as well, below is a video showing how to add activities in bulk. 


Process - Mobile 

  1. Download Granular Insights App IOS & Android
  2. Log in to the Granular Insights mobile app.
  3. Open the navigation menu Screen_Shot_2021-03-10_at_8.58.59_AM.png and select Fields.
  4. Select the plus.jpg button and select Add Activity.


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