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How do I earn a carbon payment?

Get paid for the practices you introduce any time post harvest 2022.

  • Introduce cover crops
  • Reduce tillage
  • Improved nitrogen timing
  • Diversifying crop rotation


Stay focused on farming

We do the heavy-lifting to get you the most money for your soil health practices.

  1. Select your fields and choose your practices
  2. Use Granular Insights to securely log practices
  3. Allow carbon-specific soil sampling at no cost to you
  4. Produce carbon credits measured by Indigo & certified by Climate Action Reserve
  5. Get paid premium prices for your credits sold through Indigo's buyer network


Get the most for your carbon

  • Be confident in credits independently certified
  • Get paid a guaranteed $20/credit; we project up to $30/credit based on demand
  • Always receive 75% of credit value as prices increase with demand*

*Carbon credit prices have already increased 35% year over year across Indigo's buyer networks. Indigo projects farmers to receive $30/credit subject to market development.




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