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November 2021 Release: End of season for in-season imagery and Directed Scouting

The in-season imagery season has ended.

With Directed Scouting, our goal is to provide you with frequent, quality images and scout priority rankings throughout the growing season. As 2021 harvest activities wrap up, we will no longer be bringing new images into Granular Insights for this crop year.

New in-season imagery will be available for the upcoming growing season in Spring 2022. 

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Historical imagery still available for post-season analysis and script work.

Want to better understand your harvest results, field or product performance using imagery? No problem. Historical imagery (up to October 31, 2021) will continue to be available in Granular Insights until the end of January 2022 for enrolled fields. Use historical imagery as part of your post-season analysis to better understand 2021 harvest results and to make 2022 product placement decisions.

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Need imagery data for variable rate scripts? Review your historical imagery and  download imagery data for enrolled fields, in Shapefile (.shp) format. 

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