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Activities: Map based planning


Granular Insights has made field planning easier!  You can enter your planting plans individually or in bulk, from a map-based view, straight from the Map tab. Set your planned seed variety, seeding rate and seed treatment so you can quickly reference your field plans all season long.



  • Admin, advisor, or editor
  • Active Granular Insights operation
  • Active Fields with boundaries

Process -Web

  1. Log in to Granular Insights
  2. Select Map one the left-hand side of the navigation panel.

  3. Select the dropdown box in the Field List
  4. Select the current year crop season.

Note: Fields will be sorted alphabetically, by crop assignment. If no crops are assigned, they will be listed as unassigned.

4. Select the checkbox next to the field name on the Field List or

5. Select the field boundary from the map to bring up the bulk action bar.

6. Select "Add Activity", and select "Planting". Fill out required information 

7. Select Save


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