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Directed Scouting enrollment now available for 2022

You're now able to enroll your invoiced fields in Directed Scouting for the 2022 growing season.  If you're new to using Directed Scouting through Granular Insights, this add-on feature helps you know where to scout first- so you can: 

  • Catch and correct issues faster- our proprietary Vegetation Index (powered by WDRVI) identifies crop anomalies at least three times more accurately than NDVI, so you know what to expect when you get to the field
  • Prioritize fields to scout first - with weekly in-season email alerts summarizing the top fields (by crop) most likely in need of scouting
  • Know exactly where to start - when you pinpoint an issue and share with your team via geolocated note, they're able to see exactly where they are in the field in relation to the problem. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • As soon as you enroll (must have either admin, editor, or advisor permissions to enroll) historical images will populate (check these out to identify any potential hiccups that could impact your growing season)
  • In early March, fresh images will start rolling in for the current growing season
  • Keep an eye out for Directed Scouting emails starting in May - they'll help you prioritize where to scout first, so you can make efficient use of your scouting resources. 

Need to purchase Directed Scouting acres for the 2021 growing season? Let us know.


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