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March 2022 | Release Notes

New and improved features, updates, and enhancements in Granular Insights.

Build your plans with execution in mind

You now have a birds-eye view when building out your operational plans for the year with the ability to plan your fields from a map view.

There are a ton of efficiencies to be gained here:

  • It’s quicker to find your fields on a map than it is to pick them off a list
  • With an aerial view, it’s easier to place product with similar maturities in closer proximity, so you can better plan your spray passes and harvest activities
  • Better collaboration amongst your farm team 

If you haven’t planned yet (it’s not too late!), head to the Map tab within the Granular Insights web application and select 2022 Crop Season from the dropdown menu in your Field List.

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Easily share planting information with stakeholders

Don’t let your planted acres sit locked up in your monitor. Now, you can easily share a professional, physical record of what was planted on each field with key stakeholders, so you’re covered when:

  • Landowners want to know what was planted on their fields 
  • You need to know which management system you’re using on each field, so there’s less risk of inadvertently applying the wrong crop protection

Run this report by navigating to the Activities tab, and selecting the fields you want to report on. Reports will generate via the Reports tab. 

Included in this report: Variety Map, Seed Rate Map, Summary by Field and Summary by Product.


Post-season analysis, at a granular level

While your planter may still be parked snugly in the shed, it’s never too early to start thinking about in-season and post-season analysis. We’ve added some enhancements to our analysis capabilities that allow you to dig even deeper into your data, so you have peace of mind knowing you’re making the most informed decisions about your operation. 

Enhancements include the ability to:

  • Draw a lasso on financial map layers 
  • Keep a lasso shape on your map as you move between map layers
  • Compare layers side by side 




It’s now even easier to get started in Granular Insights

Previous user of the Pioneer Seeds mobile app? Good news, your Granular Insights operation has been successfully populated with your historical information, including:

  • Farm and field names
  • Field boundaries 
  • Crop type assignments back to 2016
  • Linked field operation data back to 2016 (as-planted and harvest data only, not manual actuals)
  • Corteva Fields field plans from 2019 to 2022 into Granular Insights 
  • Seed proposals
  • Historical notes

If you haven’t yet accessed your Granular Insights operation, login by downloading the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, or by navigating to [], selecting the sign in with Corteva option, and entering the same credentials you used to sign into the Pioneer Seeds mobile app. Be sure to have your BPID handy. 

Alternatively, contact your sales rep and ask them to add you to your Granular Insights operation.


Corteva Connection

We've unlocked an easy way to establish a connection with Corteva digital tools and bring additional information into your Granular Insights operation. The new “Reimport Corteva Data” button (located on the Manage Data tab) enables you and your Corteva advisors to easily bring information from Corteva systems into Granular Insights. 

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