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April 2022 | Release Notes

New and improved updates and enhancements in Granular Insights.


More easily maintain an accurate, uncluttered field list

Not farming the back 40 this year? Bringing that big field across from the home farm back into rotation? We’ve made it easier to manage your field list in Granular Insights. 


We know you don’t always farm the same fields year after year, so we’ve added the ability to “turn off” (archive) a field for a given year - keeping it from cluttering up your field list, while still maintaining any data records that may be associated with that field. Fields can be easily unarchived as well. 

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Notes enhancements

Did you previously create notes and observations for your operation in the Pioneer Seeds app? Good news - we have now moved all public notes in the (now retired) Pioneer Seeds app to your Granular Insights operation.


As you can imagine, bringing in historical notes plus all of the awesome note-specific enhancements we’ve shipped over the past 12 months (yield estimator, threat ID, etc.) results in notes for days. More good news - we’ve also added the ability to filter notes by year. So the next time you’re overwhelmed by all those pins popping up in the Notes tab of your Field List, just filter by year or note type and watch your worries ease away. 



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