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June 2022 | Release Notes

New and improved updates and enhancements in Granular Insights.

Introducing - Crop Protection Activities!

No more having to track down activities from several different systems or scrolling back through text messages to see what operators have applied and when. When you enter your crop protection in Granular Insights, you’re one step closer towards establishing one, collaborative system of record for capturing work done on the farm.


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Operation Season Growing Report

Need to view crop and field information on how your crop is progressing, in order to make informed decisions during the growing season and at harvest? 

The new Operation Growing Season Report is a condensed, easily filterable and shareable .csv report that can be used to inform agronomic decisions about how your crop is progressing. 

Leveraging the power of Corteva’s crop model and robust weather network, this report surfaces estimated corn growth stage predictions, as well as products planted, planting date, rainfall, and GDUs.


Weather in the palm of your hand

You’re now able to view weather info within the Granular Insights mobile app. No more flipping back and forth between weather apps to monitor how your crop is progressing or whether or not you can work a field on a given day. We now surface the same weather data you’re used to seeing within the Granular Insights web application on mobile as well, including: 

  • Precipitation since yesterday 
  • Precipitation since planting
  • GDUs since planting
  • The ability to filter your fields by yesterday’s precipitation and precipitation since planting

All you need to do is open up the mobile app (ensure you’re on the most up-to-date version of the app) and tap the Weather tab. 


Driving Directions

When it’s time to get your boots on the ground, the Granular Insights mobile app can help you navigate to the fields you want to work with.

To access driving directions, drill down to the field you want to work with, then tap the directions icon, which will launch you into your preferred navigation system (either Apple Maps or Google Maps).



Share notes more easily with your team

Now you can easily share your field notes, photos, and other observations with anyone you need to, even if they don’t have access to your operation (although we always encourage that level of collaboration 😉). 

All you need to do is find and open the note you want to share (from the mobile app, web export is coming soon), and select “Share as PDF.” You’ll need to save notes individually, but once you’ve saved what you need, you can easily attach and share with your advising team. 



Return of Scout Priority Emails

Great news for Directed Scouting customers - your weekly Scout Priority emails are back for the season!

In addition to high frequency 3-meter resolution satellite imagery and proprietary field rankings, Directed Scouting customers receive weekly Scout Priority emails to help prioritize where to scout first, so you can spend more time at the lake, and less time in the truck this summer. 

Want to add Directed Scouting to your operation? Let us know.

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