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When do I have to adopt a new sustainable practice to be eligible for the program?


Already made a practice change prior to enrollment?
The most important date to remember is when a field with a practice change was last harvested prior to the practice change; the day after last harvest is the start of your practice change window. You then have 12 months to enroll based on the start date of the practice change window.

For example, if a grower harvests wheat on July 7th, 2023, their practice change window “start date” begins July 8th, 2023. They have until July 8th, 2024 to fully enroll and count any qualifying practice changes made between their 2023 harvest and subsequent cash crop planting.


You've already implemented a practice change outside the window?
You may still be eligible if you introduce another eligible practice change on top of the other practice change you did. Work with your DBM/CSM to discuss your options to ensure eligibility. Please see the following article learn more. 

What practice changes qualify?


Haven't implemented a practice change on your fields?
To maximize your carbon credit opportunity work with your DBM/CSM for help choosing the right practice . There is no time limit after enrollment to implement an eligible practice window.


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