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How do I answer the Eligibility Questions?


Conservation Programs


You must disclose the program your desired enrolled field participates in or receives government-funded enhancement payments. Don’t worry, the field is likely still eligible to earn payments when enrolled in programs like CSP, EQIP, or another NRCS program, with the exceptions of CRP and WRP, which are ineligible. CRP participation is only ineligible on the field level, not the entity level.


Participation in the program does not affect your right to any Farm Service Agency or USDA subsidies or other payments so long as they are not payments for the generation of carbon credits or carbon attribute


Conservation Compliance


If your fields are classified as Highly Erodible Lands or Wetlands, the field is eligible but certification from AD-1026 and/or proof of federal crop insurance must be confirmed. If this documentation can not be confirmed the field is not eligible for the program.


Uncommon Situations


  • Histosols:

    • A field can have up to 10% histosols and still be eligible. Any fields over that percentage are disqualified.  If your field contains histosols, you will be directed to a boundary editor that will automatically provide you with a new suggested boundary with the ineligible acres removed. 

  • Land Conversion:

    • The ecosystem cannot have been cleared in the last 10 years. This field may be considered eligible once the 10 years is over. If you implement a new practice change in ”Year 11”, you can start earning carbon credits.

  • Expanded tile drainage:

    • The repair or replacement of preexisting tile drainage on participating fields is permissible; however, the expansion of drainage or introduction of tile drainage to a field that previously was untiled renders the affected fields ineligible for carbon credits.

  • Notice of Violation:

    • If you receive a notice of violation in the year of your indicated practice this may make the field ineligible.


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