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What is the timeline for the Carbon Initiative process?


Timeline for the Carbon Initiative (Now - 2025)



Summer - September 1

  • Sign Carbon contract
  • Establish your Granular Insights account, if needed
  • Upload field boundaries into Granular Insights
  • Complete Enrollment:
    • Select fields with a qualifying practice change
    • Complete eligibility questions
    • Indicate practice change(s)


Summer - Harvest

  • Confirm carbon boundaries
  • Set up machine data connection (if not already established)
  • Continue to Indigo to begin entering historical field data


Post Harvest - March 1

  • Finish entering current year field data
  • Submit all field data for verification
  • Add required evidence to field data
  • Final file in Indigo by March 1


Other Important Milestones

March-April - Randomized Soil Sampling

  • Your CSM will contact you if any field(s) on your operation are chosen for randomized soil sampling.
  • Sampling will be done by an outside vendor at no cost to you.

First half of the year - Estimated Payment Schedule

  • You will receive payment for your carbon impact based on the program vesting schedule.


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