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Navigating Managing Data with Ease: A Step-by-Step Tutorial For Data Upload, and Preview

 Granular Insights

1. Select Manage Data   

1 Machine Data upload.png            

2. Uploading data into Granular Insights can be done via “select files” or the “Drag and Drop” options.

    • Drag and Drop

    • Select Files

Note: Automatically create fields toggle allows data to build boundaries off data (also under Settings > Other Settings)

  • Alternative option located after you choose “Select Files” you will get a drag and drop or select more files option. 

2 Machine Data upload.png

3 Machine Data upload.png

3. Once a file has been selected, data will be displayed in an upload window.

4 Machine Data upload.png

More info about data preview and other helpful tips: Data Preview


In-app steps

  • Select 'Preview Files' after uploading.

1 Preview.png

  • Once your upload is complete, click 'Preview Files' located in the picture to begin the preview process.


5 Machine Data upload.png


  • Wait for Preview to be ready.
    • While our systems quickly prepare your files for preview, you'll get update alerts that look like this. Once ready, you can click 'Preview Files' to proceed.
    • Those alerts will be under your Activity section within Manage Data, shown below:

6 Machine Data upload.png


  • Preview & Select Activities
    • You can select which activities within the file will be analyzed within Insights.

7 Machine Data upload.png

  • You can filter this view by Year, Farm, Field, Activity, Crop, Grower, or Date.                  

8 Machine Data upload.png

  • When you are done with editing and filtering data you would like to upload, select complete. The file will then go from Preview Ready to Processing.

9 Machine Data upload.png


Step by step video  

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