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Imagery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who can enroll operations to receive imagery?
    • Corteva  Advisor members can enroll operations to receive imagery.
  2. Will I have access to past imagery?
    • All operations enrolled in imagery should have access to the past two seasons of imagery within seven days of enrollment. (If images are missing, contact support.)
  3. Where can I view imagery?
    • Imagery is available on the website and mobile application as it was in past seasons.
  4. How much time will image processing take?
    • Once an operation is enrolled, imagery will start processing within 24-48 hours. It may take up to seven days for all current season and historical imagery to process. 
  5. How many operations can I enroll in imagery?
    • There is not a set number of operations that a Corteva advisor can enroll in imagery; however, only operations that will find value in imagery should be enrolled. 
  6. How many images can we expect per month?
    • Imagery availability is very sensitive to the weather, so that will change on specific regional weather. Based on previous experiences with this imagery source, we should have operations with one or two images per month, but we could have operations with one or two images per ten day period.
  7. How has our satellite imagery changed? 
    • The imagery provided for Vegetation Index uses a 164 point color scale which is different from previous imagery. 
  8. Why does my imagery look different on mobile than on the website?
    • Mobile applications utilize scaling and smoothing features to increase the compatibility with different device screen sizes whereas the website does not have this requirement.
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